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Hydraulic borehole mining (HBM)

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Hydraulic borehole mining

Hydraulic borehole mining (HBM) – is a deep-mined hard minerals output method based on its destruction and transportation to the hole by the means of jetting and extraction on the surface in the form of oxyhydroxite. This technology is used for extraction of loose and semiconsolidated ores.

Technology of hydraulic borehole mining of different hard minerals is one of the most perspective geotechnological direction in modern mining theory and practice.

All fields with depth of burial 20-500 m are perspective for development by HBM method. In particular, experience of our experts confirms effectiveness of applying HBM on the following fields:

Each field has its individual peculiarities and mining and geological conditions, which in considerable degree determine specific character of HBM method, composition of necessary technological equipment, design of mining shell etc. Among basic field’s properties, that influence on HBM technology, are following:

  • Depth of burial
  • Characteristic of ore body, higher bed and lower bed
  • Watering
  • Remoteness from pipelines and networks

Application of HBM technology has consecutive character and consists of complex of works: 

Siberian Industrial Company Ltd. renders the complete set of services for application hydraulic borehole mining technology on the deposits.

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