Siberian Industrial Holding Gravel deposit development (prospecting,
extraction and processing)
Hydraulic borehole mining (HBM)
Innovative activity in sphere of
extraction and processing of raw materials
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Our activities

Our Mission is to implement investment and innovation projects in the field of mining and mineral processing 

«Siberian Industrial Holding» has following priority objectives for nowadays:

  • Development and popularization of hydraulic borehole mining technology in the fields of different types of minerals;
  • Innovative activity in sphere of extraction and processing of raw materials;
  • Construction of mining and processing enterprises, precommissioning and ensuring uninterrupted production of scarce raw materials.

Realization of strategic goals and objectives of the company is based on several principles:

Our partners are the members of mining industry, consumers, investors, research and design institutes.

  • We incur accepted obligations in good faith;
  • While implementing the projects we take into account the needs of all stakeholders;
  • We aspire to establish long-term cooperation based on strong trust relationships;
  • We adhere to moral and ethical standards of doing business.

Our employees are professionals in their field, the foundation of our business.

  • We recognize the basic value, preserve and increase the experience and expertise of the company;
  • We create a comfortable environment to work and professional development, provide safe working conditions and competitive compensation;
  • We are forming an interest in the positive result and encourage a creative approach to business.

Our environment is presented with government authorities, scientific and public organizations, the population of regions of locating industrial enterprises, society in whole.

  • The main criteria for projects of the company are the economic and technological efficiency, as well as safety for humans and the environment;
  • We build relationships with the external environment on the principles of benevolence and social responsibility;
  • We realize the full potential and importance of technology being implemented, strive for their popularization and development;
  • Through our activities, we aim to benefit the country and society as a whole. 
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